Rendering courtesy of Intel.

By Prashanth Submanian, a Central Ohio resident with industry experience around different regions of Ohio as well as within the semiconductor industry.

Ohio has been in the news recently and regularly for Intel’s investment in the state, little known however is the state’s proud tradition of excellence and innovation in the semiconductor industry, with several key companies leading the way. Swagelok, Silfex (Lam Research), and Parker Hannifin are among the Ohio-based companies that have made significant contributions to the industry, providing high-quality products and services to semiconductor manufacturers around the world.  From large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Ohio has a wide range of companies involved in the semiconductor industry. This diversity provides a unique perspective on the industry as a whole, and allows for collaboration and innovation across a broad spectrum of technologies. A non-exhaustive list of other companies, such as Bullen Ultrasonics, Tosoh America Inc., Kulite, have also established a strong presence in Ohio, leveraging the state’s strengths in manufacturing, research, and innovation.

Ohio’s universities have also played a crucial role in supporting the semiconductor industry, providing a talented workforce and cutting-edge research facilities. The Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, Denison University, University of Dayton, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Akron are just a few examples of the many universities in the state that have strong programs in engineering, materials science, data analytics and other fields relevant to the semiconductor industry. These universities have partnered with semiconductor companies to develop new technologies and train the next generation of engineers and scientists. Did you know  Vinod Dham – the architect of Intel’s famed Pentium microprocessor was a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati?

Despite the challenges facing the semiconductor industry, such as the shortage of skilled workers and the need to adapt to changing market conditions, Ohio’s commitment to innovation and collaboration across different sectors provides a unique perspective on the industry. With strong support from universities and state and local governments, Ohio is well-positioned to be a leader in the semiconductor industry for years to come. By leveraging its strengths in manufacturing, research, and innovation, Ohio can continue to attract and support semiconductor companies that are driving the industry forward.”