Question: What advice do you have for high school students looking at careers in manufacturing similar to those at Intel?

Answer:  Dr. John Berry, President of Central Ohio Technical College, stated, “I would recommend a high school student research careers in advanced manufacturing, what types of training or skillsets are needed for employment, and what type of work would they be doing within the company. There are some great resources available, such as Ohio Means Jobs K-12 Student Center, that offer great information on career exploration. I would encourage the student to connect with their school counselor to discuss taking an introductory course in engineering at the high school (if available), visit the area career center to learn about their manufacturing training programs or explore enrolling in introductory engineering/manufacturing courses at their local community college through the College Credit Plus program. Lastly, I would encourage the student to research local manufacturing companies in their community to learn more about what they produce. A company’s website is a great place to learn about an organization, what types of jobs are available, and what they are looking for in their workforce. The student should consider contacting area companies to see if they could potentially tour the facility or engage in a job shadowing opportunity.”